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Raw diet. Frutarians.

raw diet

Это англоязычная версия статьи Изюма о сыроедении. Переведно мною, а поскольку английский у меня не идеальный, то здесь могут быть ошибки. Если кто их обнаружит, пожалуйста сообщайте! И делитесь этой статьей с вашими друзьями-иностранцами.

For I tell you truly, the God of the living is richer than all the rich of the earth, and his abundant table is richer than the richest table of feasting of all the rich upon the earth. Eat, therefore, all your life at the table of our Earthly Mother, and you will never see want. And when you eat at her table, eat all things even as they are found on the table of the Earthly Mother. Cook not, neither mix all things one with another, lest your bowels become as steaming bogs. For I tell you truly, this is abominable in the eyes of the Lord.

Essene Gospels Of Peace

Mono raw food eating

My system of eating

When I say *my system of eating* I don’t mean something really new, invention of a bicycle.

Mono raw food eating is old like the whole world (Essene Gospels Of Peace is a good example). My system means the fact that I got to this by myself, by physical feelings, and not by theoretical reasoning (that it would be good not to mix the food).

I want to say to all my *well-wishers* that I’m not pretending to be an author or innovator in this diet (it’s just amusingly for me to hear it). I just proved to myself by my own organism that healthy lifestyle is easier the than easiest thing. And I disproved for myself all lying and artificiality of modern representation of healthy balanced diet, medicine, etc. And I pulled my girlfriend off the doctor’s hands and sores. And things I told above are much more important than someone’s opinion.


The main rule of my diet

The only one rule that I strictly adhere to is to eat only raw plant foods, not mixed between each other during eating (salt, pepper and other flavor enhancers are excluded).

The only one drink that I drink is water. And it’s preferable to have water from natural springs. I don’t recognize distilled water, but if I had to choose between distilled water and bleach rusty liquor, I’ll choose the first one.

The time when you eat and the amount of what you eat and drink and the time between eating different types of food can be different and it’s not the main thing for me. I just try to hear my organism’s feelings. Sure, I have preference – not to eat for some hours when you woke up, just try to delay your first meal as much as it’s possible. And if you start eating when you just woke up, do it with small amount of food and it should be something juicy like apple or orange. But if you woke up with big appetite, so you have to eat whatever you want (but I felt this only few times for last years). I think that if you don’t feel appetite in the morning, it’s normal and healthy, and when you eat that few amount of food that the first in a day, I won’t want to eat in next some hours, so your first big meal will be at noon at least. And amount of what you eat depends of your appetite (usually I don’t eat a lot of food at once, but soon I feel hungry and I eat again). So there’s no regularity in my diet, it’s improvisation all the time, intervals between eating different kinds of meals is different, it varies from 30 minutes to some hours (but the bigger this time is better). But sometimes you can’t wait for a long time, for example after nuts you want to eat something juicy (some juicy fruits) or just drink water, so I don’t worry and drink or eat something. However, most of all I want to eat in evening and I also eat before go to bed (if I want to), but sometimes when I use internet for so long, after midnight my appetite goes away, but sometimes (it depends on how many exercises I did this day) I want to eat more and more and more, but it happens so seldom.

And I don’t do diversity in what I eat intentionally, not at one day, I can eat only some kinds of food for some month! I try to narrow the kinds of food to minimum. So I eat the food that my body used to. I choose this food and eat it mostly, only sometimes I eat something new, for example it’s any expensive exotic fruit, it’s like dessert, it’s a naughtiness.

So this is all my diet, I was going to it for years. There’s no abuse of myself, no hungry agony and self-tortures. And I don’t believe in more and less useful food, I believe in more available food in this season.

Maybe you need some willpower to join my diet, but then it will go naturally and you will live in harmony with your mind and body.


Why we should eat mono and not mixing

So many people ask me why my system is raw mono food eating, they say it’s extremes. I’ll try to tell what I think about this primitive diet. All coked food loses its life, it doesn’t contain biological activity, it’s like a homogeneous mass. For example, if you subject a computer to high temperature, you’ll get alloy plastics and metals. And you won’t get benefits of this metal-plastic mass, it will be like alloy of cellphone or other household appliances.

But people do the same thing with raw food, when they cook it. Because enzymes (I’ll talk about it later) are proteins and it’s so sensitive to high temperature, it dies first of all. And then this killed food enters the stomach and when organism digests and wastes its own biological material – enzymes. And waste of these enzymes causes deterioration of the body and diseases. And people who likes to fast use the fast to make enzymes repair the organism when it doesn’t get any food.

And when you eat live food (raw food), your organism takes a passive participation in food recycling, because every live raw product contains all necessary to food digestion and out of body. Any raw product contains its own enzymes and coenzymes (vitamins) without which they can’t exist. Enzymes also contain metal atoms (we call it micronutrients) and nutrient medium that its all can exist on. It’s parts of undivided product, and only enzymes of this product can work with its coenzymes, and only nutrient medium of this product can be the medium of their activity.

Grapes is a good example. Its peel contains enzymes, but then they make grapes juice, coenzymes react with grapes’ nutrient medium (its juice) and fermentation process starts and turns it in toxic substance – wine. In rawfoodist organism grapes digests itself, but fermentation goes in different way that gives us energy and all that our body needs. Grapes is so bioactive, so people with traditional people are very careful with it, because when they eat grapes, it causes flatulence in the best way and diarrhea in worst way. And there are other products like this — pears, plums, cherries, etc.

And when people mix these products, they baffled their organism, because it’s not died homogeneous mass which people who like cooked food have and which organism applies its own enzymes to digest it, it’s mixed live active mass that has different mixed enzymes, coenzymes and nutrients which can’t work good because of its mix. People who like salads are always hungry, and it’s impossible to look at their bodies without tears. They falter with these mixed raw diet and then they start to add cooked food to their ration and many of them back to cooked food.

And here’s a moment of the truth – if you decide to eat only raw food, you shouldn’t mix it like all animals on the planet do. I don’t think there’s any animal who mix different kinds of food to eat it after it. A lot of animals eat only one or two types of food for al their lives, so they never mix food. And human can’t make food better than it was created by creator. People just can destroy food – make juice, pickling, freezing. And if you mix raw products to enhance flavor, to make it more nutrient, it’s not much better than to cook food.

For example, we have bacteria that live inside us, synthesize all that our body needs, heal and protect us, make our immune system. In Old Church Slavonic language words *life* and *stomach* were the same. All these bacteria and source of enzymes for organism and this symbiotic bacteria and body are guarantee of health. Enzymes are workers on the molecular level, they find and fall apart the complex molecules, making synthesis (so, these processes are complex and unknown) and this development of flora is possible only on raw mono food diet as it was conceived by creator.

So, what we have: food that digests itself is flora that lives and grows because of raw food, and our organism that doesn’t interfere in all these processes. So if something happens with organism, our body turn on its potential and our wounds heal very fast, we almost don’t ill, we become more and more healthy. We can say: what for rawfoodist is life, for cookedfoodist is death.

And I want to say more about diversity in diet. Everything that grows on the earth we can considered at the molecular level: carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen. It’s like blocks that build everything what’s alive. And all diversity goes by building of complex molecules of alive and plant cells. Enzymes are not the only one who build and restructuring everything in our body. So, all these elements are exist in all alive products which nourishes us, we have only one difference – alive and dead. So, ALIVE food is perfect material for working of our construction industry that can build all that our body needs for life, growing and repair from, as it seems, monotonous food sources, which in fact are the richest sources of everything we need for life. And it’s just one small advantage of raw mono food eating over all other diets.


Fears and horrors of raw mono diet

A lot of times I’ve heard the story with unhappy end about girl who died because she ate only apples. It’s the most common story. People like to say that raw diet leads us to diseases in the foreseeable future, and if people have problems with stomach, it’s forbidden for them to eat raw food.

What is raw diet? It’s eating alive food, eating life. So it’s nonsense when people are intimidated by death if they will eat life.

We all know widespread theory about tasty, useful and nutrient food, which is death in fact. It’s result of steps of killing processes. So people eat death and it considered a source of life and health! And all this nonsense has universal scale, and people are so confused between two trees (alive and dead food), they even don’t know what to believe. But everything is so simple.

Yesterday I saw a post of one man who really messed up. He wrote that people should know that boiled potato worse than buckwheat and that not all people afford to buy fruits. But why one boiled food is better than other boiled food? Only life has different faces, and the death has the only one face. He also writes that rawfoodists begin to have health problems and they will eat milk products. Do you know any animal who heals other animal by milk from other animal, even if milk is fresh, directly from the udder. And why should we boil the potato if it’s good when it’s raw and it saturates us, it’s juicy and crispy. And, and this guy talks about poverty, but raw mono diet is the cheapest diet. Every rawfoodist knows that it’s possible to eat 3-4 raw potatoes and feel you’re full, but if you boil or fry it, it will be so few you feel full. And if you’re cookedfoodist, you should waste money on any hygiene items, but raw diet provides the most important purity – purity inside your body. But purity outside is just result. And when you eat only alive food, you also save a lot of time on cooking food and washing dishes: pans, plates and pans. And you also need to buy all these things. And rawfoodist eats raw potato without anything, but you can’t eat boiled potato by this way, you need butter, salt, spices, etc, because potato is garnish in traditional diet. And if we talk about other *garnishes* in traditional diet – if you take 150 grams of lentil, sprout it and eat, you’ll be full, but if you boil the same amount of lentil, you’ll never be full, you’ll just be even more hungry. So, where is the savings? On raw diet you can be poor, but beautiful and healthy. It’s like karate in Japan was created by poor farmers for self-defence, because they didn’t have money for weapon. But people are blind, they don’t see obvious evidences.



Everyone who tries to go to raw diet feels difficulty of transition period: weight loss (sometimes people look like dystrophic), weakness, dizziness, hair loss, brittle nails, pain in the joints and bones, darkening of the tooth enamel, loss of old fillings from the teeth, diarrhea, withering of the skin, etc. All the above are inevitably, and its amount and acuteness depend of age, dirt of your body (by medicine, especially), and of how fast you went to raw diet. And all these things are normal, it’s alteration of an organism, and it’s useless to do something with it, it’s even harmful. The best helpers here are the time and patience.

If you decided to become rawfoodist, you should follow it until the end and never give it up, even if you have problems with your organism, because it just needs a time to heal and repair itself. Nothing and nobody can’t do this better than your own organism. And it doesn’t need any help from outside. If you do something from outside, you’ll just make your transition longer and more sickly.

You should just believe in creator, because he created this complex biomachine like human and he gave people all systems of life support protection against disease. So he created everything that provides all necessary to human. That’s what raw diet about.

We all should use these simple rules of creator and not try to reinvent the bicycle in the form of more taste and nutrient food and it was conceived by creator. And if people will see and learn more about life that surround us, they will see creator’s hand everywhere. I’ve seen this hand for a long time, and it’s so obvious and conclusively for me.

And this painful and sickly transition to alive food proves once again that cooked food is detrimental, even if we grew on this.

After this restructuring of your body you’ll see the changes: your hair will grow much more healthy, your skin will be perfect and it won’t be compared with that skin you had before, weakness will disappear and you’ll feel efficiency that you’ve never felt before, your weight rises. So, you’ll get perfect body which can’t be compared with body you had before. It will be cost you your persistence and determination to go until the end, even if it’ll take some years. All other costs are minimum and it can be reduced to the price of cheap alive food that you can find around you.


Alive fruits and dried fruits

Don’t confuse alive fruits and dried fruits, because dried fruits are processed in special furnaces by high temperatures, and it’s killing of live fruits. And these dried fruits are not better than chips or candies. It’s just denatured sugar.



We can see interesting thing with microelements, such as zinc and others. All doctors repeat these spells about microelements and they don’t understand that human’s intestines who eat everything (that considered useful) is like trash can. Yes, it’s really trash can! And this is a consequence of the basic theory of a balanced diet, so this stomach won’t accept even thousandth of these microelements which are part of raw live food (large organic molecules contain atoms of different elements). So all these zinc, magnesium, cobalt, ferrum are trifle if you compare it with everything else. So it’s verbiage to talk about microelements in different raw food. Maybe for some people it seems flatly, but when you know more about it, you will agree with me.




I like to eat peanuts and I eat it often. If I like the taste of any raw food, I will eat it. If peanuts will be poison, I would feel it like it feels with some kinds of persimmons in its peel, so it doesn’t depend on ecology. I wrote before that I felt discomfort from raw nuts and peanuts, but now it’s okay.


About meat, milk, bread and microorganisms

There are two things that kills flora of our stomach: animal flesh (doesn’t matter if it’s raw or cooked) and Heat-treated plant foods. I don’t want to say again and again about immorality of meat eating, I’ll just say about some technical moments of this eerie process. Meat can’t be digested by human organism, like it can do by predators-scavengers.

The human stomach just can adapt to animal protein. But the price that people pay for this is commensurate with the custom to imitate predators. Everybody know that predators have short stomach with an acid medium that can digest unchew chunks of flesh, they don’t have anything to chew meat (because they don’t have chew teeth, they only have canines for tearing flesh). But vegetarian animals have long stomach (length of human’s stomach is 12 meters), alkaline environment of the stomach, and they don’t have canines, only chewing teeth. And if you look at cow’s and goat’s jaw, you’ll see that it’s similar to human’s jaw. That’s why herbivores are also named ruminants, because thorough chewing of plant foods is the basis for its further digestion (enzymes, coenzymes and culture medium of all plant food should be mixed with saliva to start assimilation and digestion). And no one herbivore eat another’s flesh. I think it’s quite enough to understand that human is vegetarian.

But let’s see all this madness of human’s meat-eating. Human can’t eat raw meat, so if human will be somewhere in wild nature without knife and fire, he won’t be able to tear and eat live flesh by hands and teeth, because we all feel strong aversion to the sight and smell of blood, viscera, and the process of killing. Some people lose consciousness when they see blood. But people melted iron ore, got fire, stepped over their aversion to killing and cutting flesh, so they eat cooked meat, it’s thinly sliced corned beef, meat or fish marinade, meat or chicken burgers, etc.

So what’s going on next.. the worst things happen.. gastric acidity becomes high, and then blood’s acidity becomes too high  too. Blood becomes acid, calcium leaches from the bones, it destroys the fabric, and after this the body starts to break down, body gets kidney stones and urinary tract, calcium accumulates in the body, many people get urolithiasis, pain in the joints and bones, and bones can easy break.

Meat spends dozens hours in the body, then it starts to rot and it influences deadly to flora (but flora is our breadwinner). Besides killing of flora, hyperoxemia, poisons and toxins which appear during meat digest poisons all human’s body, turns blood into stinky think liquid manure, clogs blood vessels, and then heart has to pump this stinky thick, acidic liquid manure through half-clogged vessels. And it’s going on with dead flora that can’t feed and protect us.

That fact that cookedfoodists can’t get full after eating raw plant food is proof that their flora is dead (raw plant food is so useless for them and it leaves the body in the same form as went inside). And meat-eaters are so easy to alcohol, smoking and other problems. And if there’s just a small wind, they are sick. And that’s saying a lot. After meat people want alcohol, after alcohol they want to smoke and then all they want is to have a rest. One poison requires another one. Meat has very strong narcotic effect because it’s toxic, and this narcotic acts to brains and asks MORE AND MORE! Meat made people think about it, want it more and so much, it made people be slaves of meat. People remember its taste and they always want to eat more meat when they feel its smell. And when people want to leave it all behind, they feel the same as people who try to fight alcoholism, smoking, drug use. And maybe they feel even worth. It’s so hard for broken biosystem, because toxins participates in major metabolic processes and it becomes energy and building material, but the lowest quality. And it’s really hard to leave this dependence behind. That’s why there are a lot of people who say these stupid things like it’s impossible to live without meat, and in this case you won’t be healthy enough. And that meat is need to get warm in cold weather.

But let’s talk about dead plant food, and then about meat again. Why is it dead? Here’s a good example. How many time we can store live (raw) potato? It’s about for half-year, if the temperature is low and above zero. It’s the same about vegetables, even for fruits and berries. It can be stored for months! And nuts, beans and cereals can be stored for years. I’ve heard about grain that was found in vessel, it has been there for several thousand years and it sprouted! It’s not secret that if we boil or fry potato will rot in one or two days, even if it’s in refrigerator. It’s the same about other vegetables and fruits if you boil or preserve it. Bacteria-gravedigger starts to work, they eat everything that’s dead (animal or vegetable origin). These bacteria are our worst enemy. It decomposes dead food inside people who eat it, and it becomes competitors to healthy flora. It’s the same story as about meat, dead plant food also causes hyperoxemia, poisoning toxins which are formed during food cooking. Some things of vegetable origin have the strongest narcotic effect, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, rice, fried potato, sugar, etc. A lot of people can’t start their day without cup of coffee and can’t fall asleep without chocolate. Because coffee is fried and then grated (rasped) and then boiled grain. So it’s poison drink, but people think it’s bracing and good smelling drink. And potato turns from life-filled of the product to high-toxic filth that brings strong dependence (it’s too hard for cookedfoodist to resist the smell of fried potato). Heat-treated vegetable products poison our body, cause strong dependence, kill healthy flora, that’s why our body can’t digest raw food. So when dead food goes through 12-meters intestine, its decay becomes stronger and stronger, and it poisons our body more and more. It’s hard to get rid of dependence on heat-treated plant food (sometimes it’s harder than on meat), people feel weakness in the body and chills, because live food can’t be okay for rotten flora in cookedfoodist organism, that’s why people feel theirselves better when they start eating dry fruits and honey, but they only cheat theirselves, they think that that’s the raw food that nourishes them, but it fact dry fruits and honey only feeds rotten flora, they only complicate transition to raw diet.

I also want to say about refined products such as sugar, pasta, bread, confectionery, etc, it went through many kills. It’s the most terrible poisons, they clog our many much more than boiled vegetable which has minimum similarity with original (raw vegetable). And some people who calls theirselves rawfoodist worship vegetable oil, but process of squeezing is THE KILL. I can tell the same about juices, but people think it’s therapeutic.

And about milk and its products. It contains animal protein and has less deadly effect than meat, but it’s the same animal protein that brings only decay in human’s body and nothing good, it just feeds our disease.

And it’s only one part of many problems of eating dead animals and milk products. And we should consider the fact that all animals are grown with hormones and adding supplements to make animals bigger to get more meat, but that’s not the worst thing. The worst is processing of meat on an industrial scale, and this industry will rot without strong preservatives (formaldehyde), in the literal sense of the word. Because when animal is killed and cut, they use preservatives, it is most terrible poisons (that’s why the work at meat processing plants is one of the most harmful and people get retirement benefits early than other people), then meat is processing to meat products, such as burgers, sausages, etc. They people cook it, they put any dangerous supplements to dead animals with hormones and formaldehyde. Milk has almost the same story: milk is killed (pasteurized), and then they add preservatives to it. But preservatives is the death to all that alive. Meat and milk are killing our flora and poisoning our body, because it rots, but preservatives makes this situation worst and worst. The whole food industry lives because of preservatives, it can’t exist without preservatives. But they add there dyes, amplifiers taste (it makes people depend on this deadly feed), sweeteners, stabilizers, thickeners, etc. You find the full list on the packaging. And you have to consider that 90% of all food products are explosive mixture of vegetable, animal and artificial things such as sausages, crab sticks, mayonnaise (a mixture of incompatible things, but it’s so popular), etc. And when it all goes to cookedfoodist’s table, it blends more and more.

And, they say pasteurized juices are healthy, but it is enriched with artificial vitamins. It is killed by juice extractor and pasteurization, and then people advertises these juices as source of health.

People say yogurt is very useful for children, but let’s see: sour milk is pasteurized, then they add coloring, flavoring simulators, thickeners and of course PRESERVATIVES. And then they say yogurt is live bioactive product for children. But if it was alive, its period of storage would be about some hours (even if in refrigerator), but its period of storage is until 3 month. And baby food for infants is terrible mess, but it is approved by ministry of health.

You can ask how do people still live with it? They live use and waste irreplaceable biological reserves of their body that waste all its power to digest and fight this food horror. Body becomes the slave of cooked food because there’s violation of symbiosis with the microflora (because of its complete destruction), human’s body try to digest dead food, fight with its toxins and heal itself. So body wastes its enzymes and other materials which gradually comes to end… It leads to early old age, strong diseases, then people make a lot of meds, it completely closes the vicious circle where all people are.

When people wake up, they run to bathroom to brush teeth to make mouth clean, (they’re afraid to breathe close to other people because of their stinky mouth), to take a shower to wash their poisonous sticky sweat, to spray theirselves by deodorant to hide the stinky smell from their body; they chew the cud to hide their mouth’s stink; then they take a shower again, brush teeth again, and it kills everything that’s alive. Shampoo, paste, deodorant are so toxic and it can be good just for plaque cleaning in army, not for our body and our mouth. And people say it’s personal hygiene and it is considered normal life of civilized man. And this all is consequence of the terrible process of decay within the human. After 30 years old people start to collapse, and at age of 60 they are like ruins, and it’s considered normal. And when these ruins-people live on meds and operations and reach age of 80, it is considered achievement of civilization!

Women are good example. They bloom on age of 17, and then when reach age of 27 they try to hide withering of their skin, bruising and puffiness by cosmetics (but it destroy the skin even more). But withering of their skin, bruising and puffiness are indicator of decay and diseases of the body.

And talking about men, at the age of 40 half of them have spin problems and other health problems, they can’t pick up even 40 kg.

Obesity is everywhere in our world, human turns to essence which is so far away from image and likeness! But this is consequence of eating dead food that mixed to unreal mess with poisons and food additives. Doctors are main experts on human bodies, but they are preachers of the death, medicine frightens us by incurable diseases which turns to fast and imminent death if people stop eating dead cooked animal food. And they never say about toxicity of food industry. This is all clear without academic knowledge, so what are doctors doing?! We all know $$$$$$$$$$$€€€€€€€€€€ are fault of everything in this world, and human’s health is nothing afore this amount. And sick diffident man is perfect to make money for doctors, and even for famous guru who knows all health secrets and ready to tell something for some money.



Article about awesome rawfoodist

About 2 kilograms of grass – that’s daily diet of Ganga Ram Gautam from India. He is on this diet for 5 years, and doctors say he’s 100% healthy. He’s 41 and he says: *I was about 7 years old when I tried to eat grass for the first time. I liked its taste and I started to eat it regular*. He also said that Pratap Singh was a good example for him to do this. Pratap Singh cooked cakes from grass he found and ate only this, because he was in exile.

But Ganga Ram Gautam eat raw grass. He does it everyday when he hears rumbling of his empty stomach. *First times, gardeners and watchmen thought I’m crazy, but now they tell where grass is better and more fresh* — he says. After this he always walking some kilometers. He says that sport helps him to digest what he eats.

When he became popular, doctors decided to make medical examination and they were shocked because Ganga Ram Gautam was healthy. But they still say that this feeding can bring problems in future because body doesn’t get any nutrients. But Ganga Ram Gautam doesn’t give up, he says that all vegetarian animals eat raw grass and they’re strong and healthy. And he doesn’t care that two his wives broke up with him. *They thought I’m insane, and I decided that next time I will marry a girl who will understand me and my style of feeding*.

He won’t have any problems with future wife, because he will be in Guinness World Records.


About oral cavity

Also I wanted to say about oral cavity. All toothpaste contains triclosan and others substance that kills flora in our mouth. And abrasive particles in toothpaste are bad even for dogs! Sure, when cookedfoodists have more rot flora, there’s no other way. This rot flora is visiting card of any cookedfoodist, especially who likes to eat animal proteins.


Don’t worry about what you eat and in what quantities

The main detail about raw mono diet is food doesn’t load our organism, so we can eat at any time, even in a bed before fall asleep. Raw food contains everything to digest itself and it doesn’t load the stomach, and for liver. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT RAW FOOD YOU EAT, HOW MANY AND IN WHAT TIME, JUST WATCH WHAT YOU EAT – IT SHOULD BE ONLY RAW PLANT FOOD. That’s the main thing in raw mono diet. But try not to eat when you just woke up, but if you woke up and want to eat so much, you should eat. And to eat at night is very good.


Intestinal microflora transforms man into a ‘superorganism’

The study of microbial DNA isolated from human gut contents, allowed American scientists to show high species diversity of the intestinal flora and its role in the metabolism. According to researchers, human and microbes which live in his gut are one `superorganism’.

Metabolism of this super-organism is largely determined by enzymes, and its genes are localized not in human chromosomes, but in the genomes of symbiotic microbes. In molecular biology researches the key to success is a good selection and technique. New effective methods which developed to solve specific problems, can suddenly be very useful in quite different areas. That’s what happened in this case.

A large group of biologists from six research institutions the U.S. has found an unusual use of the latest techniques which developed to `read` the genomes of various organisms. Scientists applied these techniques to DNA extracted from human faeces, in order to obtain the general characteristics of the intestinal microflora.

It is estimated that in the intestine of an adult is present more than 1 kg of micro-organisms belonging to hundreds of different species. In the accuracy of their species composition is unknown. Microbiologists know ‘in person’ only a few dozen of typical representatives of which can be grown on artificial media.

As it turned out quite recently (and this discovery was a shock for all microbiologists), the majority of microorganisms which exist in nature, don’t grow in artificial media. These microbes are called `uncultivated’. In the human intestine they constitute a majority. It’s possible to learn something about these microbes only by nucleotide sequences of DNA in samples of natural environments.

Researchers identified DNA from the feces of two people who didn’t take any meds for a whole year before it, and had extensive work on sequencing — determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA fragments. Then these pieces assembled in a long fragments based on the presence of overlapping end portions. The result was about 74 thousand pieces of unique total length of over 78 million base pairs. For comparison, in the human genome 2.85 billion base pairs in the genome of one bacterium is usually 2-5 million base pairs.

Clearly, the study authors didn’t expect to get the complete genomes of enteric bacteria. To do this, they would have to make several orders of magnitude more effort. At this stage, they just wanted to get a general idea of the diversity of the microbial community, its structure and, more importantly, the metabolism. And for this sample obtained genomic sequences was sufficient.

This radical approach to the study of communities got a special name: ‘metagenomic analysis’.

At the next stage of looking for genes with known functions and were trying to determine which fragments belong to bacteria, and which are Archean. For this sequence compared with the known, that is made to the database genes of bacteria and archaea, as well as their complete genomes. Separately analyzed the genes of ribosomal RNA (16S), which is traditionally held on the classification of microbes.

In the ‘explicit’ in the ribosomal RNA genes could be identified only 72 species of bacteria (including 60 cultivated and 16 new to science) and one species of archaea (methanogens Methanobrevibacter smithii), but the authors substantiated statistically that if the work on DNA sequencing of the same trial was continued, the number of identified species of microbes would amount to no less than 300. The authors attributed to the different varieties of the genes of ribosomal RNA, whose nucleotide sequence similarity does not exceed 97%.

Researchers analyzed the quantitative distribution of microbial genes identified by functional groups to reconstruct the main features of `total` metabolism of the intestinal flora. To do this, the percentage of genes with different functions in all unread microbial genomes compared with that found in the studied sample.

It was found that the intestinal microflora sharply increased the proportion of genes related to metabolism of polysaccharides of plant origin, some amino acids and vitamins, as well as methane. Based on this analysis the authors identified the most important metabolic functions that perform the microbes in the human intestine. This, above all, the digestion of plant polysaccharides, which can’t be digested by enzymes encoded in the human genome. Only bacteria can ‘work’ with these carbohydrates which are hard to digest, which emit a low molecular weight product of metabolism of organic acids (acetate, propionate, butyrate). However, the fact that everything that is a waste for bacteria is edible substances for human which are actively absorbed by the intestinal epithelium. It is estimated that out of this unusual source people get about 10% of calories (this estimate holds for adherents of a typical ‘European’ diet).

In addition to edible substances for human bacteria isolated molecular hydrogen (H2) as a byproduct, which is harmful to them and prevent their growth and activity. To make the digestion of plant polysaccharides effective, someone has to constantly recycle the resulting hydrogen. This is what methanogens Methanobrevibacter smithii does, and possibly some other archaea and bacteria, methanogens, sulfatreduktory. During methanogenesis absorbed hydrogen and carbon dioxide and methane released.

In the `total` genome of the intestinal flora the percentage of genes associated with the synthesis of essential amino acids and vitamins is much increased. Microbes make human’s life much easier, producing significant amounts of these substances we need. In addition, the intestinal flora has a large arsenal of enzymes to neutralize toxic substances present in our daily food, especially vegetable.

Microbial genomes, thus, serve as an important complement to the genome of Homo sapiens. Although today it’s unusual to publish in the West scientific papers, the authors in this case decided on a philosophical generalization. In their view, a person should be regarded as `superorganism’ whose metabolism is provided by a joint coordinated work of enzymes encoded by the genome, not only in Homo sapiens, but also in the genomes of hundreds of species of symbiotic bacteria. Incidentally, the proportion of human genes in the total genome of this `superorganism’ is no more than 1%.

Source: Steven R. Gill et al. Metagenomic Analysis of the Human Distal Gut Microbiome // Science. 2006. V. 312. P. 1355–1359. www.cbio.ru


Confession  ofrawfoodist


Advantage of raw mono diet over other diets is so obviously, because this diet was given us by creator initially. This diet is too simply and it can be expressed in only some words: TAKE FROM NATURE’S TABLE ANY RAW PRODUCT AND EAT IT ORIGIN WITHOUT ANY PROCESSING. That’s what I understood for these years when I was searching for perfect diet. So it’s impossible to take away and add for this diet that wasn’t created by us, but it was created for us. Now it’s just funny for me to hear that 100% vegan raw diet is dangerous and it is fraught with shortages of essential elements with consequences until death. Seems like it is beneficial for someone in this world to frighten people raw diet, but it should be their lifestyle. Someone needs early death, diseases and people’s suffering. Here I’ll try to tell you everything what I’ve understand for these years during I was going to this raw mono diet and about miracle of rebirth that happens to me.

If 7 years ago someone told me how I will feed in future, I would say this people is crazy. It was impossible for me to imagine a man who eat just some kinds of raw vegetables and fruits and who trains for 2-4 hours everyday with weights and who feel himself perfect. And it was harder to imagine that this man will be me.


It started almost 5 years ago

It started almost 5 years ago when at age of 28 I started to be fat, sick (I was too often), and I had chronic tonsillitis, it was very painful and strong, and I had strong cough, etc. But I paid no attention to it, but my fat worried me a lot. My girlfriend told me that at the age of 30 I will be like pregnant and I answer her that I’d better starve than I become fat, and it wasn’t joke.

I started to do regular scampers, stopped eating chocolate, chips, fried and boiled potato, all bakery and confectionery products. When I went by pastry shops and supermarket shelves with chips and chocolates, I felt myself a hero because I didn’t seduce by smell and the view of this sweet death (I didn’t know where my prohibition will lead me in future). For sure, I lost some kilograms of my weight, and then I stopped losing weight. I tried so hard, but my weight didn’t decline. That time I ate everything that considered healthy and vital food: rice, black bread, cereal, eggs, juices, seafood, fried nuts and dry fruits. So it’s everything that considered the source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – that’s what people call balanced diet. Now of course I remember it with horror but that time I firmly believed that it’s the most healthful food that everybody needs. I was tired of fighting my excess weight by exercises and diets, and then I met a man with saggy skin (I noticed that he lost his weight very fast and so much). I wasn’t shy to ask him about his saggy skin. He was a doctor and he practices fasting and he had excess weight before. I was shocked because I’ve heard a lot of stories about victims of fasting, anorexia and mortal danger of fasting.


My first 12-days fasting

Then I tried my first 12-days fasting and first 5 days I was doing exercises so hard (I’ve noticed that sports can hide the hunger). In the evening of 6th day I was so weak, I just couldn’t  stand on my feet, I felt darkness in my eyes, and then i’ve woke up at night to go to the toilet (I drank a lot of water) and I couldn’t go back to my bed. I thought it’s the end and I won’t live until this morning. But I didn’t want to give it up! My fat didn’t go away. On the 7th day I woke up with horrible taste in my mouth, it was like I ate my fat. My tongue and the whole mouth had strong yellow plaque, but the main thing – I felt energy again! And from this moment I started to lose my weight (subcutaneous fat). And I started doing exercises again (push-ups, squats, pulls), I felt tired very fast, and I fasted for 5-6 days more. I finally saw relief of my body from under the layer of fat. So I lost 12 kg of my weight. To say how many will power this fast cost me is to say nothing.

That night to 7th day of fasting was like a miracle to me, it helped me to go my own way and not to listen all this nonsense about our body and health what surrounds me. But it was only beginning. That time I couldn’t even think about where it will lead me in future, I didn’t know anything about raw diet and raw mono diet.

After this 12-days fasting I ate rolled oats, muesli, milk, fruits, sometimes cheese and seafood. And my weight starts to grow again – muscles and fat.. I did exercises, ride bicycle (instead of scamper), etc. And I did some-days fasting again to lose my new fat. And I started to think about being vegetarian, I had some reasons for that. I had a 48 years old friend who loved meat a lot and who had gout (I knew that meat causes this disease). And I saw his pictures at the age of 45 and I was wonder how fast he got old for these 3 years. And the second reason is horse – these strong and beautiful animals eat only cereals and grass. And I read one article in newspaper about lemon, it’s very useful to meat dishes, lemon juice cleaves the meat in our stomach because meat rots in human’s stomach and it can’t assimilate in its original form. I read there about carnivorous and vegetarian animals’ stomach and how it works, and I was asking myself should we eat meat or not if it rots in our body? And that time I’ve just read Gogol’s story named Portrait, and I was impressed by father of the artist, so it was my inspiration for the way forward in this direction.

But I still ate milk products, cheese and curd, eggs, sometimes fish, and I started to buy dry milk and mix it with egg white. I had a salad in my head that time! And everything repeated: my weight and fat grew up, I made short fasting again and again. And I’ve noticed that I have a progress in sport when I do it with empty stomach. 4 years ago I started to train more, I did a lot of exercises with weights. And I’ve noticed that a large number of approaches to the same exercise helps to improve the results. When you become weak, you feel second breath then and at this moment I had a big progress in my exercises. For example, I was doing a bench press (rod weight is 160 kg), it was 16th approach and I didn’t have energy for more exercises, but then one more time and I feel second breath and I do more and more and more. So I had mono exercises – one or two types of exercises for 2 hours.

By the way, I felt that my endurance increased a lot after fasting and my strict diet. But my joints started to ache and I felt strong pain after exercises with weights. And my fat came back to me again, so I started to eat light salads (just a little bit greens) and I did one injection of vitamin D per day andi went on my exercises. And after this I’ve noticed one thing – my arthralgia passed away. Then I said GOODBYE to all cereal, because I understood that my arthralgia was because of it. And then I found information in internet about cereal and I found out that I was right that stopped eating it. I didn’t know the difference between raw and dead food. And other bones destroyer I excluded some years ago. So I ate only salads and pasteurized peas, fruits, fried nuts, sometimes raw eggs, and very seldom fish, shrimps, cheese and milk (1 liter of milk every day).

This mono system of exercises (6 days a week almost for 4 hours a day) and fasting gave me very good results in exercises. And I forgot to tell that 4 years ago I’ve tried WINSTROL – very light anabolic. Many athletes don’t use it because it’s too light, many people says it doesn’t work. With my fasting and strong exercises I used it only 2 times (6 ampoules) for 2 weeks. Athletes use this anabolic every day for months. 3 years ago I reached 185 kg in bench press, 210 kg in squats, 95 kg on curve rod for biceps, 95 kg in tritsepts exercises, 80 kg in push-ups on the bars, 50 kg on the horizontal bar (to catch up with a wide grip behind the head). My weight was 93 kg, it’s a little bit less than in 28 years old, but when I was 28 my waist was about 1 meter, at the age of 32 my waist was 80 cm, and bench press at the age of 28 was 120 kg, and I didn’t make squats. So it was very different body!

I felt that my results become higher and higher and my muscles grow, so I started to understand that people don’t need animal protein to make their muscles grow. I started eat shrimps at Mondays and I’ve noticed that every time I eat it my sweat starts to stink. But it doesn’t affect on my results in sport and muscles. And that’s why I understood that animal protein doesn’t affect on muscles and people’s power at all. I think, vise versa.

And I want to say that I’ve found an article of one priest, doctor Asterov, she writes that meat rots in our stomach and kills microflora that has to digest plant food. Then he writes about dead food, but I like what he said about meat. I agree with him about eating another’s flesh.


Renewal of the bacterial flora

About 3 years ago I ate only homemade yogurt of all animal food, because I knew exactly that milk bacteria is the main bacteria in our stomach that digest plant foot. And I knew that this yogurt is just for transition to raw diet. But that time 3 years ago 100% raw diet was subconscious thing, now I can’t remember what I was motivated by, I just went to raw mono diet intuitively. I remember I read some books about raw diets, but I felt falsehood, contradictory and far-fetched ingenuity, so I didn’t mind. But I was interested in research articles and historical facts – for example, in USSR after World War II number of diseases decreased markedly growth curve and improving nutrition was the same with the growth curve of disease in populations. And I liked to read articles on veterinary medicine, for example about how cow’ stomach works, because it’s fact that cows synthesize their own body and milk from grass and in big amounts, it’s all because bacteria living in their stomach. And I don’t have any doubts about the fact that we are the same vegetarians as caws. Let’s consider the structure of the teeth and the length of the intestine – predators have short intestine with acid condition, and vegetarians have long intestine with alkaline condition.

I was thinking about food that allegedly is vitamins and micronutrients source such as bread, meat, seafood, etc, and I compared the simple things such as destruction temperature of most vitamins (it’s about 40-50с), processing temperature of these products (it is dangerous for health or inedible without it). Let’s suppose it’s true that these products are really so useful, but why should we eat it cooked? But doctors tell about mortal danger of eating meat and fish without heat treatment. So it’s just nonsense! Bread is funny story. At first, grains are ground into powder (they remove its peel (bran) before it), then they make dough, than they bake it with temperature 200c in oven, and then people say that bread is source of vitamins and microelements. But it’s dead food.

Now it’s just funny to hear about human’s omnivorousness and about necessary in animal protein.  I’ve read books of Shelton, Butenko and Nikolaev, and i’m convinced again and again that it’s good that I didn’t take it seriously. For sure, they all have very good and interesting ideas, but they’re messed up and their articles are contradictory! And they all talk about food on level of calories, fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals. I hope someday people will judge the food on other criteria. But I don’t know what values live raw food can be measured. And a want to tell about author named Aterov. I think he’s real rawfoodiest judging by what he writes. It’s interesting to know how he is now and he’s wife and maybe grandchildren. I’ve found a lot of interesting things in Chuprun’s book, but he eats bread, salads with plant oil and some other no raw stuff. His article about Papuans is funny because he said they synthesize protein from the air, I just want to ask him maybe caws on the farms eats only air, too? But after his articles I was ready to exacerbations of disease (relapse-crises) that starts only when people goes to 100% raw diet.

I want to tell about some cases that happened to me after I joined raw diet. When I was at my work, I discussed drawings with my chief and we were standing very close to each other and he had cold very strong, he was sick, and then I felt like my eyes began to tear, headache and all other symptoms of an impending flu, but I came home and fell asleep and I was 100% healthy in the morning. And there’s one more situation that showed me that I’m on the right way. One day engine in my jeep has broken, it was impossible to repair and it needed to be replaced. On my work I asked place in the hangar and lift, they gave it me, but they said I should finish until 8 a.m. I started in evening and I have been working alone for all night on engine changing. I was just in t-shirt and I’ve been worked all night long lying on the concrete floor under my jeep. So I finished my work in time, and the temperature was about only +10, so after lying on cold concrete floor I felt the strong pain in the kidney. I repaired one thing and I broke other (more valuable) thing. I was like *But what to do? Everything is already done* and I went home. I fell asleep and then I woke up in evening, and I’ve noticed that my strong pain passed away! So I started to believe in our power hidden deep inside more and more.

And there’s one more interesting situation about raw diet and health. I cut my hand very and very strong by machine tool, I saw the bone and tendon through my wound. My chief proposed me to go to the hospital to make stitches on my wound, he scared my by infection, gangrene and amputation. Sure, I was a little bit scared, but I didn’t go to the hospital and didn’t take any antibiotics, I just washed my wound and smeared my wound by some medicine things, and that’s all. And I went on going to my work, I just washed my wound once a day and smeared it. I don’t remember exactly  how days it took to be healed, but it was so fast! I’ve got only small thin scar, and it was like some magician held wand on my hand.

And let’s talk about sport again. Other men from gymnasium wondered my results in sport and asked me what I eat. And when I told them I don’t take any special proteins and creatines, and that I don’t eat meat at all, and when they heard how I tell about harm of these all I told above, they just didn’t believe me, they thought I’m just cunning Russian man which doesn’t want to tell them the truth, and trainer even stopped to say hello to me (but we saw each other 2 times a day for 6 days a week)! He didn’t believe what I eat most of all. But one day there was a funny situation. I left the supermarket with 2 big packages and I met my trainer, he saw my huge goods and he was delighted, because he thought he will expose me right now! He came up to me, looked inside my package and he looked forward to see MEAT there. He even told this word, but he was so disappointed to see oranges there! For sure, I can understand him, he is engaged in bodybuilding for 20 years, he won some games and competitions, he eats a lot of protein stuff and he believes that he can get big muscles without meat, fish, rice, protein cocktails, creatine and other stuff. He’s 40 and he has enormous problems with joints and spine, and it’s all about his protein-carbohydrate dead diet, he uses maximum 175 kg on bench press and it’s strange for him to see how people does it with 185 kg and says he’s raw food vegan and that he didn’t take something harder that winstrola for couple times. So my trainer just messed up! I took other guys from gymnasium to my home, I showed them my kitchen and refrigerator (what it contains) and my oven that became rusty because I didn’t use it for years. I just wanted to prove these guys that I’m not joking and I’m not bullied and that all I say is seriously.

But my sport’s results are not my purpose, it’s just proof that I’m not the right now (but it’s glad to watch my results, I won’t hide it). That time I knew about animal protein harm for our body, how it affects on bones and joints because of hyperacidity in our organism, and proteins rot in our body and kills mircoflora. I knew a lot about heat-treated foods harm from my own experience. I’ve noticed that I gain weight if I eat raisins, dry dates and other dry fruits, but you can eat endlessly amount of fresh grapes and dates and you won’t gain fat! That’s one more proof that heat-treated food is bad. That time I had only few not raw things in my ration: vegetable oil and pasteurized green peas which I added to my salads, and sour milk that I made of Tibetan mushroom.

And I wanna say more about milk. It’s a good example of heat-treated food. At the beginning of my way to raw diet I didn’t see the difference between live and dead food (as all people around) and when found this milk mushroom I used UHT milk be stored  for 6 months and it doesn’t get sour after opening the pack. But I got bad sour milk (kefir) of this UHT milk. Because mushroom bacteria didn’t live there. But when I used pasteurized milk that can be stored only some days in refrigerator, it was good of milk bacteria and kefir came out good.


100 % raw diet

2 years ago I decided to go to 100% raw food, I didn’t eat anything that was heat-treated, no vitamins, no drinks (only water). I felt like I was on small boat sailing to vast ocean without map and compass. I didn’t know people who had the same experience as me, only character named Lighthouse from Gogol’s book Portrait. I feed mono because of this character. I didn’t care about diversity and balance (equilibrium) in my nutrition. For example, I took a bank of pasteurized peas and half of onion to my work and I mixed it in dinner, or I could take at my work only bananas or only oranges. And I could eat only 3 or 4 kinds of food for months, and nothing else.

And here’s the saddest part of my story – I started to lose my weight, power, I felt weakness. Month by month, I did exercises every day, but my results stated to fall down.. I was sad about it, but I was ready for this, I lost 16 kg (my weight became 77 kg) after half-year of 100% raw diet. I felt weakness for first 6 month, I felt dizzy, especially when I did bench press. I was afraid I will drop the rod, that’s why I didn’t make squats sometimes. And my sex life was going to zero, my girlfriend was joking at me that I turned to impotent men because of my raw diet.

That time I ate fruits: oranges, kiwi, persimmons, and I made salads of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, raw potatoes, and I used avocado instead of vegetarian oil. After half-year of my 100% raw diet I’ve noticed I felt pain in my eyes when I’m in glasses (I wore glasses during car driving and watching tv). So I’ve noticed that without glasses I see almost in the way as if I’m in glasses). And my hearing became better, but I felt a little discomfort, just imagine this: volume control in your head will be high and every sound is irritating you. We lived in the city and we had to sleep with using plugs in our ears just not to wake up because of every sound from the street. I had a bald patch and my hair started to grow again (but I shaved all hair and I was bald because of this bald patch). My body stopped to rot, even if I did exercises twice a day, I didn’t take a shower for a weeks and didn’t use deodorants, but my body was so clean and fresh. I woke the same t-shirt for a weeks and it smelled of powder I washed it in. Small pimples disappear from my face and all my body’s skin became nice. But before I had a skin’s problems after shaving, even if I used balms and lotions.

And there’s one more interesting situation that happened to me. I repaired a car’s part for one doctor and I told him about my diet and my lifestyle, and he wondered to see a vegan (and not just vegan – rawfoodist) who involved in athletics and doesn’t look like dystrophic. And I was working and powerful spring fell and cut my finger of hand. This man worried a lot and gave me medicine chest, but I didn’t take it and go on working. When he visited me in couple days, he wondered again because I didn’t see any scar on my finger. And after that he told me he’s my student now. But everything he did is not to eat meat couple times and to boil vegetables instead of it.

The Brothers Karamazov

During that period I’ve found a novel *The Brothers Karamazov* by Dostoevsky. This novel impacted on my mind the strongest way like no one book did. It can be compared just with the Bible. I wondered how exactly author tells about this rawfoodist monk named Ferapont. I think you won’t find it in any modern book about raw diet. I want to quote something from this novel:

*Most of all poor monk wondered by that fact that his father Ferapont was strong, tall, with good posture, with fresh face, thin, but healthy old man. He had a power and his body was athletic. Even if you was so old, he wasn’t gray-haired. He had thick hair dark color and beard. He had big gray eyes, so luminous. He spoke with a strong emphasis on the «o». He was dressed in a long reddish coat and girded a thick rope. Their neck and chest were bare. He wore the old almost ruined his shoes on his bare feet.*

It’s impossible to imagine this. Dostoevsky described a person he saw, and this person was rawfoodist, for sure. No mistakes, it’s impeccable description! This monk had so strong energy and power! And he was free inside and outside, he didn’t conceal his contempt for the rest of the monks as a weak people, pandering to our basest desires and still preach Christ.

And these words have a sense about raw diet:

*And monk added: ‘What can be compared to you, because all the year and at holy Easter you eat only bread and water. We eat bread for 2 days, and you – for a whole week. This your abstinence is truly wondrous.’

— But what about mushrooms? – asked Ferapont.

— Mushrooms? – asked surprised monk.

— Yes yes. I don’t need their bread, I can go somewhere in forest and live by eating mushrooms or berries, and they all won’t find here any bread. So they depend on it. This argument is arrogant and rotten.*

People with traditional diet just couldn’t invent it. Author could take it only from real life.  ART IS A REFLECTION OF REALITY IN IMAGES. Dostoevsky is true artist, he reflected without understand how he did it. This monk Ferapont become a beacon for me.



 And now we went to the moment when I found out what became Bible for me. It impressed me a lot. I’ll start by saying what I’ve heard from one American guy that what we call Bible is fake. The real Bible keeps in secret. I already knew that there’s something wrong with that Bible – Jesus couldn’t feed people by fish, meat, wine, turn stones into bread. Because I knew this all is poison! I knew it by my own body, but I wrote there something like *pour the blood to the ground because there is a soul, and eat the flesh*. And all these kills are for the sake of the faith! There’s incest and other awful things in this fake Bible. If I was Jesus, I wouldn’t do all these stupid things: resurrection of the dead and the other miracles, feeding people by dead cooked food that they don’t have to eat at all. And I would tell them everything I know about raw live food, because live food makes us alive, and dead food only kills us. So I asked my girlfriend to find something about real Bible and about fake Bible which we have for already 1700 years. And then she found ESSENE GOSPELS OF PEACE. I was reading it and crying.. then I read it again and I couldn’t stop crying again. Because I found there everything what I reached by myself. It’s an instruction for using your body and soul. I don’t even want to quote it here, you should read it all. That’s when I got panorama of a mosaic of separate my knowledge and ideas. This is one more proof that I’m on the right way, I felt like I got a map and compass. In the past I didn’t knew that everything I believed in (Bible, medicine, etc) is a lie.


New life

After 8 month of my raw diet me and girlfriend moved to rural areas. I bought a trailer (it’s like CARAVAN) and put it to our jeep, and we went find a new place in rural areas to live. I felt myself much better that time. I found a job on construction and we stopped to live near that place. I bought a rot with weight 200 kg and I’ve made horizontal bar, bars, bench for press and stand for quarts with rot. That time there was a situation which made me scared. I started to do my exercises and I just leaned and felt like a strong pain in loin and I couldn’t stand up because of it. It was so painful even to lie on the bed, it was painful to move my body.  I understood that it’s because of alteration of my organism. I felt myself better in couple of days and I started to do exercises again in two weeks.

It’s interesting work with people with traditional diet, at the dinner they started to take their packs with food, and I just walked to figs tree or to grapes bush, and people wondered about me, and I wondered about them. I didn’t know about mono diet that time, it was just comfortable for me and I didn’t think about balanced diet.

I worked in a small t-shirt when it was raining (it was deep autumn), the temperature was about +16, and it was okay for me. People were sick, they were sneezing and coughing and trying to dress warmly, but I wasn’t care and I was so healthy. I couldn’t believe it because some years ago I always got cold when it was cold outside, I always was sick.

And that time I had amazing flavor of menthol in my mouth. My girlfriend didn’t believe me about that, but I really felt it! It seems like my body synthesizes something to heal itself.

Then we decided to move to another place. We rented a small lot of rent and started to built mobile home. I worked non-stop, since early morning until the night, and it was winter: rains, wind, cold. Because it’s among the mountains in Spain, under the sky. Sometimes I soaked to the skin, but I couldn’t sit and wait for good weather, because it was impossible to love in our old house, sometimes it was only 0 degrees in the morning (very cold winter) and it was the same temperature in our house. But I and my girlfriend never got sick. It was 1 year since I started 100% raw diet and I stared to sweat at night very strong, and at the morning I felt like someone poured a bucket of water, so everyday I woke up in sea of my own sweat, even if the temperature was about 0 degree. It happened every night for 4 month. My mattress was wet, so I had to dry it in sun every day, I used to do it every morning. And when it dried, I saw white crystals of salt. It was my toxins.


My organism on 100% raw diet

I started to lose it again and it was for about half year, and then it started to grow again, I saw a lot of new hair on my head, and no one on my comb. And my hair became black like someone dyed it.

About my teeth and oral health. About 5 years ago I brushed my teeth 3-4 times a day, because I felt bad in my mouth. When I started 100% raw diet, I brushed my teeth only one time a day and I used children’s tooth gel, but half year later I stopped using toothpaste, I used only toothbrush and water, and last year I brush my teeth only with water, and my teeth are white, and I didn’t get any new caries on my teeth. And one year ago my salads were so primitive, so I just can’t call it salad, it’s just diced tomatoes or something else. So we ate products as they are. And I started to think about enzymes once again (I remembered these word from Essene Gospels Of Peace about inadmissibility of food mixing). There’s one good popular scientific encyclopedia named *How our body works* and you can read there about enzymes work, that enzymes are useful without coenzymes (vitamins), that enzymes contain metal cations, that our body contains hundreds of different enzymes, that enzymes are workers at the molecular level in our body, that some bacteria produce coenzymes.

Then I found information that antibiotics block some enzymes in our body, that’s why we feel recovering. But in fact we just put our disease deeper and deeper. I read interesting articles and I’ve got to know that every raw product contain everything to digest and recycle itself, and I understood one more that – DON’T MIX THE FOOD. Because when all these enzymes and coenzymes that have to assimilate the food are mixed with each other and messed up in our stomach. And I’ve got some questions — metal cations are included in enzymes, so how can we take the meds with these microelements separate? These elements are part of live food, and it’s not natural in meds. And if every raw product contain everything to digest itself, so WHY SHOULD WE MAKE ANY JUICES, TINCTURES, EXTRACTS, ETC? WHAT’S THE SENSE? Juice of fruit or vegetable is only part of it, and if we make juice or oil, we kill this product. And human’s stomach tries to compensate for the lack of enzymes in food and it wastes its own enzymes and other stuff, it overloads our organism and makes it old. I’ve noticed that if I make 500 grams of orange juice and drink it, you feel hyperacidity in my mouth and stomach, and if you eat 5 kg oranges at a time, you feel very good (I’m talking about rawfoodist only, because cookedfoodists will feel bad after 5 kg of oranges). So orange juice without the whole orange – is just acid and nothing else, it’s just like separated enzymes which are put in meds. If you will search in internet about enzymes, you’ll find thousands firms which make and sell these enzymes and just couple of articles about enzymes, but there’s no separate enzymes in nature, it’s just some parts of live nature like vitamins, microelements, culture medium, and now I’ve remembered words from book *Karamazov Brothers*:

*..and after a fierce analysis of the scientists of this world is left with all his old shrines absolutely nothing. But they are disassembled for parts and whole and viewedeven worthy of wonder to what blindness. Then, as a whole stands before them aseyes firmly as before, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it*

But what people do? They kills everything what they eat and then try to compensate the loss of living in food by synthetic substitutes. Isn’t it nonsense?! People still can’t synthesized, they didn’t create even one cell. Sometimes they say that dead food is more useful than raw live food. So they think that cooked dead food is softer for their stomach and therefore it’s easier to digest it.

But let’s go on with my raw diet story. I finished my work on mobile home, and then I started to do exercises again. First time everything was great, but then I started to feel weakness, it was so strong, so I didn’t understand what happened with me! And then I’ve finally got what I wanted so much and what I’ve been waiting for so long – something changed in my organism and my muscles and power started to grow. I gained 8 kg for couple months. I did my exercises with enthusiasm, and I didn’t feel weakness at all, and was doing one exercise for weeks, it’s something new to me! And my sex life started to grow, as if I take a lot of Viagra, even at age of 16 I didn’t feel the same as now. But then everything began to decline, this situation was similar to situation with my hair. It looks like my body fits something and then sends to the finishing touches, but this is very subjective and probably has a more objective reasons. Then weight and power loss stopped, and I was glad. So I gained 8 kg, and lost 5.5 kg – I see the progress here. And my joints became so strong! And my muscles became so strong too, so I didn’t feel any pain after sport.

And I want to say about pyrosis and discomfort in stomach after eating all that cooked food such as sausages, soups, etc. Sometimes I felt like my teeth will dissolved because of acidity. When I felt it, I always wanted to eat something more to stop this bad feeling. So this pleasure that I got from eating cooked food was covered by this strong discomfort. And when I didn’t eat for half day, all my thoughts were about food, and when I felt food smell, my mouth became full with split, and I felt pain in my stomach. And then when you eat, you feel discomfort again, because you ate too much. And if you don’t eat for one day, you don’t feel any power, so it is the same as drug addiction. But you don’t feel it if you’re on 100% raw diet, you can work all day long, forget about food and don’t feel any hunger or something else. It’s wonderful what comfort you feel on 100% raw diet when you can concentrate on you deal, and not on your stomach. And cooked food brings weakness, sleepiness after you eat it. But you’ll never feel it on raw mono diet, vise versa, you’ll feel a lot of power after eating raw food. I can eat even during my exercises and go on the sport (but it’s impossible to do with cooked food). I’ve noticed that when you’re on raw diet for a long time it’s hard to eat a lot at a time, but it’s good to eat often but small servings. But it’s when you don’t do anything, but if you’re very busy, you can eat just once a day.

When I eat caleflor (it’s a cabbage variety) I feel for all day like I’ve ate delicious cabbage soup, like this soup is boiling in my stomach on slow fire, and this taste is so good that it’s impossible to cook in real life. But it’s impossible to made cookedfoodist eat this cabbage raw and without any spices even with gunpoint! But this cabbage is so delicious for me, and I like what I feel after eating it (I mean this cabbage soup that is boiling inside of me).

And when I don’t eat anything for all day and I pass by restaurant, I don’t care about its smells, I feel the same if I pass by barn. One interesting situation happened to me on fruit market recently. I was passing by rows with some different stuff (not food) and I felt the smell that exited me so much, and I went to this smell and I understood that one vender was cutting vegetables and I felt this vegetable smell. I’m sure no one cookedfoodist would feel this smell, and even if they sniff it, they will feel aversion and nothing else. Sure, all these feelings are subjective and other people may not feel the same as I do, but I started to feel comfortable on y raw diet some year after I started this way.


About failures

Failures to cooked food is important moment. I think we all should follow the rule – EVERYTHING THAT WAS COOKED IS DEATH with all the ensuing consequences. That’s how I started to think from the begging of my way on raw diet. Let’s face it, you don’t eat good-smelling cosmetics and don’t drink air freshener. Everybody knows it’s poison. So you should think this way about everything that is not our food (cooked food is not for human). And if everybody will mock you about it, fuck them all. And don’t mind how many raw food you eat and what time. And if after nuts you want to eat apples, then just eat it, it’s not bad. The worst is MEAT, FISH, EGGS and everything that people cook from this, and all stuffs in bright packs in the supermarkets and shops.

Parents and children

I think the first and most deadly violence that people do with us is sitting us down on cooked food! Our parents love us very much, but they always listen to doctors and other people, and they start do feed us dead cooked food since we were born. They start to do this when child stopped to dink breast milk, and sometimes even earlier. All parents know it’s too hard to make kid eat meat shit, because the nature resists as much as it’s possible! And it’s too hard to make kids eat cereal. But they all force their kids! And parents say to their kids *Just eat the burger and grandmother will give you a candy*. Oh, and about sweets.. We all see children smeared in chocolate and it’s considered normal. That’s when craving for sweets starts. And all these cereals – it’s awful mix of   grass boiled in milk! And it’s the same about pasteurized puree. And then children start to sick very often because of all these dead cooked food. And then people give antibiotics to children that kills small organism more and more. And no wonder that when children grows up, they start to like mc donalds and other poisons. They became involved to smoking, alcohol and drugs because of killed immunity. And then parents don’t know what to do, how wean them from all these mc donalds and smoking, drinking.. But it’s only their fault! They wanted their child to feed by balanced cooked food which is useful and necessary as they think, and they give them meds during all life. Then child grows and understand how bad this cooked food is, and if he has enough of brains and will power, he can correct his life and the sin of his parents. But cooked food sits so deep inside people’s body, that’s why only one in million can change the life to raw diet.

P.S. I want to add that many people noticed that children reach out live food, they can eat raw potato or beet, but parents don’t let them eat it, they say it’s bad, they ask children to wait until it cooked.


Fasting and raw mono diet

On raw mono diet one day without food is the same on couple hours for cookedfoodist. So one day is not fasting, it’s just unloading for our body. When you spend all day without food and drinks because of the work (that happens to me – sometimes I work 12 hours non-stop, and sometimes I just read the book and doing my exercises), you just don’t notice that you don’t eat. I don’t make these unloading every 7th day intentionally, I just need to eat live raw food and regenerate, and when I’ll do it in many years, then maybe I’ll start doing unloading every 7th day. But I’ll never do long fasting, even if many raw diets guru like to write about it. I did it in the begging of my way, because I didn’t understand the main rule – EAT ONLY RAW FOOD AS IT IS, DON’T MIX IT AND ENJOY THE POWER YOU GET – everything is so simple!! All I can say about fasting is that it’s good for transition to 100% raw diet, not more.

If I strived to raw mono diet 5 years ago, I would be at this point where I am now much early. So I try to reduce this time for all of you. But my long way to raw mono diet is valuable to me, it taught me a lot. It was discovery for me and I’m trying to open many people’s eyes, I want to help people to go this way.

RAW MONO DIET IS FASTING FOR ALL OUR DISEASES AND PHYSICAL DEFECTS. Usually fasting goes on for 1-2 months, they people die. But raw mono diet can go on forever, for all our life. And we feel myself better physically and morally with each year!

And something happen to rawfoodist (maybe some infection or something), he just starts to fast and strong immune system starts to work harder and all diseases go away. But it’s not the same for cookedfoodists, they will feel very strong intoxication during the fasting, and recovery system will start much later, that’s why fasting is dangerous of people with traditional diet and that’s why there’s a lot of books about fasting. My girlfriend is good example, one year ago her friend asked her to spend time with her child who has chickenpox, she just didn’t know she didn’t have this disease, because she went to Germany kindergarten with typical German sterility. So to fall sick with chickenpox at the age of 25 is very dangerous, because it’s possible to get scars on your face. Every medical books write that this disease goes on for one month at least, but my girlfriend had it only for 4 days. And I asked her to lie at bed for 5th day to be sure the disease passed away. And on 6th day she was like a brand new, her skin became so cute like child’s skin. But the secret is so simple – she just stopped eating, she was drinking only water and that’s all. I read in newspaper about a singer from girl pop group that she got chickenpox and she cancelled her show’s for a month and even her wedding! My girlfriend worried a lot when she understood that she got chickenpox, she worried about her face. But now she believes in raw mono diet even more and more.



1) Hello! I read your forum about the only one restriction – not to eat for some hours after you woke up, and that you try to make your girlfriend to follow it. Why? Answer me, if it’s not hard to you. I eat in 40 minutes after I woke up. Is it too early or what? 

The main reason is our body starts cleaning during the sleep, that’s why people feel stink in their mouth in the mornings, they have white patches on their tongue and teeth, etc. It’s all because of night cleaning. And this cleaning stops when you start to eat. So if you don’t eat in the morning, you go on this cleaning. I think it’s very important, especially for the first year of raw mono diet. And just notice that you don’t have hunger in the morning, it’s just a habit to put something in your mouth. So it’s created by nature that we don’t want to eat in the mornings. So if you have this microfasting at the morning, you become full faster then and feel myself more comfortable. But to eat in evening is very good. Probably, you’ve never heard that someone fight his\her desire to eat in the morning, morning hunger (it even sounds weird), but everybody talks about their hunger in evenings. Sure, it’s bad to eat rot dead food at night (and at the other time too), but it’s not about live raw food. I can eat a lot of raw food at night and I wake up with clean mouth and wellness. And it was awful in my antecedents when I ate something in evening, I woke up with scrapyard in my mouth, discomfort in my stomach, etc. But raw food digest itself, it doesn’t trouble our body, it’s like symbiotic digestion, you don’t feel toxicosis in the morning. Its morning microfasting is necessary for everyone and the most interesting is it doesn’t need any afforts and willpower. So we should take this popular proverb *Eat breakfast by yourself, share dinner with your friend and give supper to your enemy* and remake it to *GIVE BREAKFAST TO YOUR ENEMY, SHARE THE DINNER WITH YOUR FRIEND AND EAT SUPPER BY YOURSELF*.

2) How many time did it take for you to eat a lot of peanuts and feel yourself good after that?

I should start by saying that I’m on 100% raw diet since autumn 2004 (I didn’t have a fast transition). But I think officially it’s 1st of January 2005. At that moment I exactly knew what live food is and what dead food is, what is good and what is bad (honey, milk, dry fruits, etc), and that raw diet is not an experiment, just for all my life. At the begging I could eat not more than 150 grams of peanuts and I felt discomfort (plaque on the teeth and tongue in the mornings). That’s why I ate peanuts very seldom, the main food for me were salads and fruits. And in one year I went back to peanuts and I understood that I can eat it more, but it still wasn’t too much in my ration. For example, I didn’t eat peanuts for all last summer and then I went back to it in autumn and I’ve noticed that process of assimilation has improved, then I had crisis in the winter (I wrote about it before) and I couldn’t eat it at all. But then it became good again. And then I had one more crisis (queasiness for some days) and after that I felt I can eat a lot of peanuts and I didn’t have plaque on the teeth and tongue in the mornings at all, no weakness, etc. By the way, this winter there was a lot of moments when any raw food made me weak. Then, when my intestines started to work much better and digest peanuts, I started to feel strong heat inside of it, for all the day, but maximum was in the morning on an empty stomach, especially when I made exercises in the morning. I felt so strong heat from my stomach, I wondered!

So in your degeneration all process goes like waves, sometimes you feel yourself amazing, sometimes you are weak, but every wave brings you to new level, but I’m sure it’s now brand new for us, it just well-forgotten old, it’s programmed inside of us by our creator. And after decades of killing ourselves by cooked dead food we can correct our life.

When I read the forum I wonder how much people care about their weight, it seems like they prepare theirselves for Meat Processing Plant. Reading this I’ve got to remember the old comedy where director pioneer camp has main index to take children there – children’s weight. People measure their health in kilograms. For example, people say that our fat warms us, but when I was fat (97 cm in waist), I caught cold very often: fever, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat with suppurating glands (I always had tonsillitis). And when I moved to Spain, I started to be ill for months! Cough was so strong, that I was afraid. I thought it was unfairly because I was surrounded by palms, sun and other stuff, but I was at home with fever, cough, stuffy nose, etc. I didn’t understand where I could be supercooled, I thought it’s all about Spanish viruses and that I have different immunity.

I’m on raw diet for already 6 years, and I’m thankful to destiny and to myself for what I’ve got.

And the last example. Right now I lost my weight again, I look like bones, muscles and the skin. But I don’t care about it, because I know there are changes in my body, somewhere deep inside. But after this I know I’ll go to another level. Before that, I felt weakness for 1-2 weeks, and I didn’t feel it even in beginning of my way on raw diet. But now this crisis is very short, but strong. And when I went to toilet, I was shocked because of my urine color. One day I went to yard to sit in the chair and it was too hard to stand up. And one day I went to toilet to pee and was shocked about my urine color. It was unreal – bright pink, I’ve never thought this could be! It happened to me only one time. I ate only some kinds of food for this period and it was very good quality, so I understand that the food has nothing with it, it’s all about toxins that were inside of me and that are leaving me now. But it goes at the same time with big the rise of a immune, for example I repaired a car a month ago and I burned my hand by gas burner and both of my hand were too painful and it looked bad, but everything healed so fast, unbelievable! And some days I started to repair a car again and temperature down to only +10, but I didn’t stop and went on my work, sometimes I was lying under a car in a cold puddle (intentionally). And in evening after the rain there was strong and cold wind, and I’ve just finished my work, took my wet t-shirt off and decided to get dry on this wind (and put my tools to boxes and the same time). And when I got dry, it was too small for me and I decided *to take a shower* under column with water (the water was too cold!) and only then I went home. I was waiting when the chill will get me, but nothing happened, I still was very healthy as always. Vise versa, my breath became more clean! Let’s face it, it me who always had tonsillitis and cough! And I’ve never did any tempering before. It seemed like there’s nothing can warm me, because I have only bones and muscles, so I wondered about the strong power deep inside us! And it’s only in some years after my natural feed. So how can we express this power in kilograms, I don’t care at all about my weight (it’s 74 kg now, and 76 cm in waist). But when I do exercises, I take more 30 kg weights. And when I make push-ups on the bar, a take 60 kg weights.

So I’m taking about it because it’s impossible to judge about health by body weight, it’s as stupid as to judge about the food by its caloric content, because healthy body impossible to measure in kilograms and live raw food in caloric content, it’s like money value is not determined by denomination size.

And I want to say hello to all moaners, chatterbox and cookedfoodists which write that all these nonsense about raw diet and that raw food is not that good now, about vermin, about cooked food benefit and..about me. They all says I’m crazy and they are waiting for me saying raw diet is not for human. So, go on waiting. But I also want to say to other people – don’t mind then others say you lost weight and your face became to thin.

3) Do you have deviations from your raw mono diet? How do you fight temptations (if it happends)? Do you drink some wine sometimes? How often do you swim?


 It’s a good question. 100% raw diet (I never eat something else that’s not raw) makes me free, there’s no need to use willpower. So it’s funny and weird for me to read about people’s deviations which happen everytime. When you take true raw diet as your lifestyle, you don’t feel any temptations, your body becomes free from all these dead cooked food. And all cooking smells become irrelevant, they don’t cause appetite. It’s just smells that remind you sometimes about your life before raw diet, about some moments. I can compare this with a smell of the leather interior car – you won’t gnaw trim just because of its appetizing smell that reminds you your first car and everything you did there. And about any creams and all cosmetics – nobody eats it because of its smell. And nobody eats plastic artificial fruit which are made for interior decoration. Because everybody knows that this all is not human’s food, even if it smells so good. And everything that’s not raw and not plant food is not human’s food, too. Even if I’m too hungry and I pass by restaurant, I never feel any temptations.

Maybe it’s hard to get these feelings and maybe it needs determination, confidence and awareness of what you decided to do, but it doesn’t last too long. When I was at the beginning, 5-6 years ago, sometimes it was hard for me and I ate something that’s not raw, because most of all I wanted to eat sweets, but 4 years ago all sweets, confectionery and meat products were excluded, and 3 years ago I excluded everything that’s not raw and everything that’s not vegetarian , except selfmade kefir, pasteurized peas and vegetable oil, and then I excluded that all and I started my 100$ raw mono diet. So I can say that first years were just like heating of the engine and set speed to go away from the runway of cooked food. The hardest period was at the beginning when my body was a slave of cooked dead food, so I needed some efforts to fight it. But now my raw diet doesn’t need any efforts, and it’s real. You just get another level because consciousness goes parallel with the internal biochemical processes, so when toxins leave your body, you feel the same as people feel when they are free from prison, when you are free from pood shackles, in which you’ve been for decades. That’s why it’s funny for me to read how people write I’ll start to experiment with food because I will feel bad because of raw food, and that I will add animal food because of healthy problems. I feel sorry for people who think that I’ll have healthy problems and tell that raw diet isn’t good. Because when people don’t believe in live food power, they kill theirselves. They torture theirselves when they’re tempted by cooked food, just because their lack of faith and little knowledge don’t let them make this *separation from the runway*. And instead of the *flight* they just walk in circles of half raw diet with search for «miracle crutches» and demagogic arguments as self-justification.

Forum syroedenie.com (syroedenie means raw diet) is good example for this. I read it and wonder how people issue all this for raw diet and healthy lifestyle. They eat raw rabbits, fresh fish with its intestines, raw eggs, etc. It’s not compatible with human’s health. They add moderators who say raw diet is dangerous, but they write articles what raw diet is for if after it you can get poisoned just by cakes. And how some cookedfoodists give instructions on raw diet – it’s a circus! I’m sure they will discuss all these nonsense even 5 years later. So this site with all these articles just turns people off the right way. So people don’t understand the main thing, they start to mix food, make salads, eat raw animal, etc. Forum of this site is just its mirror, and it’s distastefully to read what site’s owner writes there, for example she writes that you feel a lot of energy when you’re on raw diet, and not everyone need it, it’s too much of energy and some people just don’t need it. And when you read what she writes, you just understand that she’s not rawfoodist and she had never tried this diet, and you get a question – what is this forum for? WHO NEEDS IT? Maybe medical corporations have bribed this site (i’m just kidding). All sites like this bury the idea of raw mono diet.

You asked about wine. It’s sad that you read my posts so inattentively, so I’ll repeat and add something new. WINE IS POISON (AND ALL ALCOHOL IS POISON, TOO). When you’re on raw diet, your body starts to clean and restructure itself, and any alcohol causes so strong abruption by your body, and feel a huge discomfort if you drink it, it’s  just impossible to find the words to describe it. Because internal physical comfort is the main feeling of ‘clean’ body. And if here’s something wrong, you feel it much stronger. And it’s not about anti alcohol morality, it’s just physiology. Last new year is good example. The owner of villa where my girlfriend works presented her a bottle of good Spanish champagne CAVA. I told her that I won’t drink it, but she answered that she will dink it at New Year ’s Eve. So we opened the bottle, I’ve made just one sip (the feeling in my stomach weren’t that good..), and Inna (my girlfriend) made one sip and understand that it’s enough for her. So we thrown this bottle of champagne out. Inna liked to drink a lot in the past, unlike me. There was a funny situation about 8 years ago. I bought a bottle of 40-degrees drink for washing some parts of my car, because it’s cheap, but one day I couldn’t find this bottle, and Inna told she has drank it with her friend. I was shocked how it’s possible to drink?! Before my raw diet I drank only wine and sometimes beer.

And about swimming. I don’t like it, even if I live near the ocean, but I liked to swim when in childhood, but Inna really likes to swim in the sea.

4) What are more casualties on raw diet? Skin, hair and hails become very good, no excess weight. And you don’t have to waste your money on cosmetics, creams, shampoo, etc.

No one cosmetic, make up and plastic surgery won’t replace natural beauty. I’ve noticed how my and my girlfriend’s skin color changed for these years, and my hair color has changed too, dark circles under our eyes disappeared, etc. But she had huge circles under her eyes before, so she always tried to find something for this, to hide it, she used a lot of cosmetics. And now I have new hair on my bald place, my skin is like baby’s skin now, without any cosmetics. And Inna noticed that my eyelashes became so long and so dark, I looked at the mirror and I wondered – it looks like someone worked with Maxfactor mascara on my eyes. And I had a lot of pimples before, especially at my noise and around it, I tried to heal it by different cosmetics, but it didn’t disappear. And Inna had the same problem before. Now we both have awesome skin which people can get only by photoshop. And I’ve noticed that my hair became much better, even if I don’t wash it for weeks. And when I wash it, I use only the water – that’s all I do with my hair. And I also don’t use any deodorants, as I told before. And the only one secret is RAW LIVE FOOD. So, everything goes from inside, so all cosmetics is just a waste of time. All raw live food makes us better and it adorns us.

5) How raw diet effects on human’s consciousness?

People resent you don’t share eating with them, but at the same time no one want to share the death and diseases with you, but all these feasts is a source of death and diseases. And wake is so absurdly, because people eat and drink vodka for the repose of the soul. For example, man died because of cancer, heart attack or stroke, and his relatives eat on his wake? Sure, it’s jelly, vodka, sausages, lard, etc – everything because of he died. People are like fishes who are caught on hook in a river by fisher. Other fishes see their relatives are dying because of fishers, but they still go on the hook. And even if they fall down from the hoot, they still go on it. But how not to do this if everyone tells about its indispensability, benefit and nutritional properties, and about the death if you won’t swallow the food from the hook. But fishes get it for free, and people have to pay money for this dead food. Every 10 minutes you hear on TV: eat it, swallow it, satisfy your hunger, etc. Every day culinary TV programs show us celebrities who talk about their favorite and the most useful dishes. I can say that fishes smatter than people, because they peak on hook not every time, and people sit on hook of dead since they were born. There are a lot of institutes of health in the world which have to monitor the people’s health. If you jump of this hoot of death, you will considered handicapped. People don’t see how dangerous cooked food is..

I have a friend in Russia (he’s my senior year), he just can’t imagine his life without meat. I talked to him by the phone 2 years ago and he said he became fat, and one year ago he told me is in hospital with pneumonia, and last summer he said he got hypertension. Oh, if you knew how many things I told him about this and about his diet, but he doesn’t care. He can’t imagine how man can exist without meat, and he also likes to smoke and drink vodka. And I won’t wonder if he will die at the age 40. And when he discharged from hospital, do you think doctors told him something? No, they just gave him meds and that’s all. Sure, he believes doctors who tell him about indispensability of animal protein and 50 grams of vodka a day (and he likes it), not me who is obsessed with food (as he thinks about me) and tell him to stop eating everything he can’t live without.

Taking about this, I remember the words: *Satan will have his dwelling in his body. And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his own tomb. For verily I say unto you, he who kills — kills himself, and who eats the flesh of dead animals — eating the body of death. For in his blood every drop of their blood turns to poison in his breath their breath becomes a stench in his flesh their flesh — a festering wound in his bones their bones — a lime in his guts to the interior — a punk, a his eyes their eyes — a veil in his ears their ears — in sulfuric plug.*

By the way, about sulfur in the ears. When I stopped eating animal food, sulfur in the ears became less, and when I stopped drinking kefir, it disappeared. And I told a lot of times about stink from people with traditional diet.

Don’t be so naïve, because it’s just a fashion and nothing more, no one need healthy man, all these restaurants are made just to make money. It’s because real rawfoodist is disaster for economy. All these books about raw diet from the West just turn people off the right way. And all these environmental stores, they sell the same shit as in other stores, but from another angle and by other prices. If you are rawfoodist, even a word *restaurant* sounds stupid. You’ll go there and order 3 apples and 2 bananas – that’s nonsense! And about fast food prohibition in the schools – people starts to feed children by other dead food and add there some raw mixed food. So it’s just a change of scenery and nothing else. All these cooked food is in people’s brain, because if they recognize raw diet as true and the only one way of our life, then 90% sectors of the economy will burst like a bubble, but people who hold all money and authority don’t need it. So just be realist, it’s just commercial things.

6) So we need many and many years to have strong microflora. I’ve heard our body is updated for 7 years. So it’s not too much left for you for updating.

No one can be sure about 7 years, because it depends on the age, sex (women have slow metabolic processes). But it’s fact that we are changing at the cellular level for years. At the first sight it’s invisible process, one cell is replaced by another and in some years we are made of new cells. And when we start do eat LIVE RAW FOOD, we have QUALITATIVE REBIRTH. I told this hundred time before and I’ll say it again: we need many years to rebirth, and the older man, the more year he needs for complete rebirth. That’s why I’m so happy for young people here, because old people can’t be completely rebirth, only young body can do this (the younger is the better).

These gates of degeneration are closing in years, so at my age of 30 I managed to do this through the gates which started to close. People who love to fast say about purification, but their purifications are endlessly. And raw diet is DEGENERATION at the first, and it’s PURIFICATION, so there’ no need to fast, because what’s the sense to clean what’s already pure??!!

And about me, if we based on 7 years to rebirth, it’s far for me to reach it, because I had 3 years of preparation (I don’t count it), one year of raw diet with mixed raw food and just one of 100% raw mono diet. I think most of all processes which are going inside of us are hidden from us and from all doctors and professionals with their equipment. Many scientists recognize it, but a lot of people don’t recognize it and they write their stupid inferences as the proven theories. But everything is so simple – if you intrude into the living, it dies at this moment or it changes beyond recognition. Isotope method is a good example for this. If you apply it to one live cell, it will mutate in the best case. And flora inside us can live only until someone penetrated into the stomach with scalpel and scrape to take it for analysis. This is the mystery of life that’s impossible to measure and put to any tables. If only people could unravel the mystery, they would become Gods which create their lives, but now people learned only one thing – how to destroy their lives. For example, it’s easy to denature protein and turn it into amino acids, but it’s impossible to make something alive of these amino acids. But people always need any figures and tabular data. We know about photosynthesis from the school that it is the formation of organic compounds with carbon dioxide and sunlight. But no one can create these elements, even in Oxford, Cambridge, etc. But made a lot of theories and can’t create these elements and tell that everything on the earth was created by itselves. They can’t create even one live cell. So don’t put all these stupid theories, you won’t find these the answers, only creator can give it.

7) Tell about crises on raw diet and what to with it

It’s a good topic to talk about, but there’s no need to do something with crises. It’s stupid like to fight with rain or wind. You just have to live through it. And I think crises depend on courses of treatment which you had before. Because all this medical treatment juts rams all diseases and meds inside us, and all these meds almost don’t leave our body. Modern medicine pollutes our body by salts of heavy metals and nothing else.

These days my girlfriend Inna has crisis that I had about month ago: huge weakness and feeling like hangover. I think it’s intoxication by own poisons, it’s one more layer of toxins and poisons. Yesterday she got a peak of this crisis and she couldn’t get out of bed. I’m glad about it because we feel ourselves much better after all crises, and she didn’t have any crises for a long time. So, our bodies go to next level.

Me and Inna are so different: sex, age (I am older on 8 years), sport, the food we ate before raw diet, etc. But our organisms are the same, we all are made of flesh and blood. And Inna’s body and mine are good confirmation of it. It’s so distastefully to read this nonsense that people say that everything is individually, nonsense about individual diet, about that fact that raw diet is good for some people, but bad for others, that fact that some people can’t live without animal protein. All these people can’t understand so simple things and they just don’t want to understand it. And they call crises necessity of dead cooked food that people can’t live without. And many other stupid things. They just want to justify theirselves, their lack of faith and lack of will.

8) You were right when you told me about huge and long crises. Now I have a crisis – strong pain in right leg, especially hip and knee. Yesterday I even couldn’t move, now I do it just a little bit, but I always feel cold. And I’m glad about it because another layer of toxins leaves my body, even if it’s a little bit say that I have to lie in bed, I don’t like it at all. And it’s sad that people don’t write more about crises, it seems like it doesn’t exist.

 Nooo, it’s not true, I write about crises a lot. IT’S A HUGE RESTRUCTURING OF OUR BODIES. New people in raw diet like to say that it’s easy, but in a year or some years they will see and feel hoe their bodies will start to restructure, and it can be very painful sometimes. But you don’t have to be afraid, and you don’t have to use any meds to heal it. All you have to do is just wait.

Everything that happens with you right now is just flowers. But berries will be later, and maybe many times. You don’t even know what you got involved in. Maybe you remember I wrote about my crisis when I couldn’t even get up from my bed for 2-3 days, I felt pain in the lower spine with every move. And it happened after one year of my 100% raw diet. And my girlfriend had huge pains in all her bones for a month, then she had strong headache, she thought she will die because of it. And many-many other crises. And at the age of 30 I perspired a lot at night for 3-4 months, and I talked about it many times. But I didn’t have any chronic diseases in past, and my girlfriend started her raw diet at the age of 23 and she still had problems during transition on raw feeding. There are a lot of new people who just started raw diet and they talk a lot. But they don’t have any real experience in this. It’s better to talk about raw diet in 2 years, not now. It will have a sense to talk about raw feeding only in couple years. And now it’s just empty talking and nothing more. I know, people always want to talk about raw diet when they just started. By the way, there was time I felt so bad, so i thought I would die. And when crisis reached its peak and I felt like I’m dying, my body went to brand new level in all senses. I felt this twice: when I couldn’t move (even if I didn’t have any problems with my spin before) and when I felt huge weakness after 2.5 years of raw diet, I couldn’t eat and walk, I was so weak, and my urine had unreal color (I already talked about it), and I lost my muscles. So even 2 years is not that much for raw diet, but after 2 years you will understand what raw feeding is.

And I remembered one more Inna’s crisis. It was 1.5 years ago, all her tooth became painful, she couldn’t eat solid food like sprouts, then everything become okay for one year.

And I want to tell you about one more interesting moment. About 1.5 years ago I had dull aching pain somewhere in my stomach, and I felt it only during car driving. If I drive more than 15 minutes, I started to feel it until the end of driving. It’s not strong pain, but it’s unpleasant and difficult to define pain, maybe it’s intestines, maybe some stomach muscles, I don’t know, but I felt in for almost a year. And 3 months ago this pain reached its peak and then it disappeared. Not I don’t feel it anymore. But I didn’t have any problems with my stomach before. So transition to raw diet is not that easy, it takes years of adaptation. And sometimes you have a deal with problems you’ve never had before. So I think people with little faith don’t have to try this lifestyle, because it really takes some years to adapt to 100% raw diet. And we all need years for your body reconstruction. And it’s impossible not to have problems during transition on raw diet, even if your transition would be slow.

And one more moment about my spin. I stopped eating bread and cereals and my pain in joints after exercises became less. After one year I stopped using heavyweight belt, I never thought this could happen with my spin. People with little faith would say *Microelements are over, so your body will be destroyed* and start to eat cooked food which doctors always recommend to eat. AND IT WOULD BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE! Just don’t give up. So that crisis with my spin went away and I started to do my exercises again. And last year I had one more problem with my back, but not with spin, I had a pain somewhere in my back for a week and I couldn’t to do exercises again. But I now everything is great and I don’t heavyweight belt anymore.

I understand why our body’s rebirth is so problematic thing. Because it’s like you have to remove a house and build a new one during you live in it. It’s the same about our body. Even if you lived in lived in a leaky shack and decided to build a cottage instead of it and go on living there, and at the moment when your shack is almost collapsed and walls of your cottage are still building, you would feel like shack is better than these new weird walls, especially when your neighbors will tell you that this idea with your cottage is stupid, because everybody lives in shacks and always will do it, repairing leaky roof and rotten floors by rotten materials. And it’s impossible to put huge door into dilapidated doorway which inserted into broken wall, that’s why neighbors use cardboard dummies thinking it’s door repair. So we have the same about our bodies.

9) How many water does rawfoodist drink?

Some people here in forum told me that I drink too little water in hot days, and that I don’t drink it at all during not hot days, and they say I should drink more and more water. I DON’T ADVOCATE LIMITATION OF CONSUMPTION OF WATER! Vise versa, I think it’s good to drink water. And I don’t think dry fasting is good, because our body wants to be cleaned of slag, so it needs more water to output in with urine and perspiration. And people still can’t explain me the benefits of this fasting system. If you want to explain me, then explain the mechanism of this type of purification. And don’t refer on any names. For example, in cookedfoodists body metabolic processes are broken, that’s why they want to drink a lot of water and that’s why people always take a bottle of water or juice. Many artificial drinks causes thirst, such as Pepsi, Sprite, Coca Cola and other poison drinks. Some drinks act like diuretics, such as tea, coffee, etc. They also dehydrate the body and make a huge load on the kidneys. But eating live food, we get live water, because all live raw food contains 90% of water.

I got only two answers about dry fasting and they’re so stupid. The first one is when you fast without water, your fats burns faster. And the second one is animals had to endure drought, so human ancestors have to do it too. Maybe it’s possible in wild nature, but.. human’s fat (adipose tissue is an accumulator for water for body) is made of cooked dead food and chemical additives, preservatives, medicines and it’s trash of our body. That’s why people with traditional diet always want to drink, water is the only way to output all toxins through urine and perspiration. And if they start fasting without water, it’s impossible for their body to output all toxins! Body wants to output all trash that it holds for years, but it can’t do this without water. Only animals can fast without water, because their bodies are clean, they never eat a trash like people do. So during dry fasting their bodies use its CLEAN water (live water is not the same as water poisoned by carcinogens from cooked food). I already told about that fact that if rawfoodist will start fasting, his body will turn on strong protection mechanism, but cookedfoodists will feel intoxication by own poisons.

I think it’s persuasively for you. It’s not just theories, it’s my own experience. A felt and I know everything I write about. And I hope it will help you.

10) It’s interesting to know about vermin in human’s body. I can’t find anything about this question. You said you had giardia in the liver, can you tell more about this?

I think it’s senselessly to discuss it, because 100% raw mono diet eliminate all ground for vermin. They can’t find what to eat inside us and die, because vermin eat only dead cooked food and everything it leaves in our body.

And about giardia in the liver (and inguinal hernia). I had it at the age 7-10. And I’ve got it because my parent fed by the dead cooked food. I was a kid who ate a lot of burgers, sausages, caviar.

It’s stupid for rawfoodist to be afraid of vermin. Vise versa, we should be glad if we have something like this, because they make our body stronger, they were made by creator as healers of our body. So, everything that’s death for cookedfoodist is good for rawfoodist.

Only cookedfoodist can think everything I wrote is nonsense, but rawfoodist knows it for sure.

11) Our body gradually cleared, and taste buds, too. They feel the taste – sweet, salt, bitter, sour, etc. So the feeling becomes higher. I think it’s because our olfactory cells are cleared. In years we will be like animals with strong animal instinct, vision, hearing, and other talents, right?

I agree with you 100%. It’s interesting how everything changes in our body on raw diet. But it’s a little bit sad that we all use to it and then it becomes usual. Only first year I wondered all these new things and my body, but now I already used to feel it. It’s like 12 years ago I bought BMW520 and I loved it so much, so I wanted to be buried in it, but next year I bought a new car and forgot about that one.

Do you remember I started to hear so good, so I started to sleep with plugs in my ears.

12) I’ve noticed one strange change during my raw diet. My mode of life was changed. In the past I couldn’t wake up at 9 a.m., and now I wake up at 6-7 a.m. with happiness. And I can’t sleep more than 8 hours.

I have the same. But before I thought it’s because the sun light wakes me up. Now it’s only +8 in our mobile home (I don’t use gas heating intentionally), and it’s not a problem to get out off blanket. But in the past I felt so cold when I got up from my bed, even if it was +18 in our flat.

I also want to tell about my girlfriend’s wound healing. I told the same about me, but now I say it about Inna. She slipped on the stairs, fell and cut her skin by acute corner almost until the bone! The scar is 5 cm. I asked her not to do anything with the wound, not to use any meds. She just put wadding to the wound, the blood stopped very fast, and then she put a plaster there. And no decay there! She got the scar in 2 weeks. Don’t know about other people, but it’s uber speed for her. No pus! Even if the wound was so deep.

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Прикольная идея перевести изюма, вот только отрывок из Ессеев я бы взяла из оригинального перевода Шекели, он есть в сети. Очень даже неплохо получилось, но есть много мест для правок, например, я бы на английском лучше сказала The only liquid(thing) that I drink. Drink как существительное означает буквально напиток, преимущественно алкогольного характера, да и немного странно звучит)))

    Пришли мне пожалуйста этот отрывочек в оригинале:)

Я не знаю точно, какой это отрывок, но английская версия есть тут
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